The War

The war was started by Russia, almost 10 years ago, and ended up in a massive intervention on the 24th of February, 2022. There are no grey areas - Russia is to blame. However, putting blame does not resolve the question of responsibility - what should have been done to prevent it and what should or rather can be done now? We look for no easy answers, nor do we want to fool our readers with simple solutions. The more opinions and views we gather, the better.

Why are we doing this?

Being no soldiers and no activists, we believe that one of the main reasons lies within the culture and society as well. Regardless of how and on what terms Russia loses this war, it’s already time to think about its future - should the country be destroyed? Should it never exist again? Can it be saved in the current borders? If so, what are they now? Through stories of real people and analysing their context, we want to see what the options are.

How does it concern me?

Suppose you’re from Europe. There’s a big psychotic neighbour with nuclear weapons right over the garden wall. Having terrorised his own family, he already crossed the line and showed aggression. Would a wall help? Or is it time to call social services to throw him away? Let’s first understand what this neighbour is.

Suppose you’re this neighbour. You know that it’s only one member of the family who’s done all the bad. Yet, you’re traumatised. Yet, you like your neighbours around you. But what do they know about you and how can they trust you?

We want to create a safe space where the dialogue between neighbours can happen. We want to know what exactly concerns people around Russia and give the voice to those who do not want to be isolated.

What do we do?

What are our goals?

  • Enstrengthen and unity those are against the war
  • Understand the Russian past, present, and find a possible future
  • Build bridges between the liberal Russian opposition with those who are willing to listen

Finally, who are we?

We’re a team of enthusiasts, of Russian and other nationalities who are connected to it - through their family, friends, or pure scientific interest.

Here you can find our core members:

Some of them decided to remain anonymous due to the special circumstances.

Information on privacy

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We collect stories from Russian speakers who stand for peace and democracy.

Your experience will help people understand the situation in Russia, and those who chose or were forced to escape.

If you're a Russian or personally know someone who would like to share their story, please contact us.

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Notre posture vis-à-vis de la guerre en Ukraine

La Russie a lancé la guerre contre l’Ukraine. Cette guerre est en cours depuis 2014. Le 24 février 2022, elle n’a fait que gagner en intensité. Des millions d’Ukrainiens souffrent. Les responsables doivent être jugés pour leurs crimes.

Le régime russe essaie de faire taire les voix libérales. Il existe des Russes opposés à la guerre, et le régime fait de son mieux pour les réduire au silence. Nous voulons empêcher cela et faire entendre ces voix.

Il est essentiel de créer du lien. Les initiatives libérales russes sont parfois difficiles à saisir pour le public européen. Le contexte juridique, social et historique en Russie n’est pas toujours clair. Nous voulons diffuser des informations, construire des ponts et connecter la Russie libérale à l’Occident.

**Nous croyons au dialogue, non à l’isolation. ** Les forces d’opposition en Russie ne seront pas en mesure de changer quoi que ce soit sans le soutien du monde démocratique. Nous croyons aussi que le dialogue devrait aller dans les deux sens.

Cela reste votre décision. Nous comprenons la colère suscitée par les crimes russes. C’est à vous de décider si vous voulez entendre ou non les Russes de l’opposition.