Beslan school siege

Timeline 1990–2022

333 people, 186 of them children died. The storming by Russian forces has been highly criticised afterwards.


The 2000’s started with the Chechen wars and terrorist attacks all over the country.

At the same time, they say that there was no such time in Russian history with such an economical growth, especially for the middle class. Yet, the economy does not solve all problems.

The 90’s euro/american optimism has been gradually substituted with the new ideas – patriotism, allegiance to the glorious past, and the feeling of exceptionalism – we have our own, unique way.

Dream of stability

Man of the Year

The Medvedev Thaw


The previous years of relative prosperity along with theoretical freedom kickstarted the growth of civil society.

The long-lasting 2008’s economical crisis brought a political one – a new-born middle-class started to disagree with the political decisions, taken with no consent.

The growing protest power provoked a reaction – every step a society took would end up in new restrictions. At the same time, the aggressive international course taken in 2008, justified the Crimean annexation, nurturing people’s imperial ambitions, has aggravated the already taken course to isolation. As life shows, the most horrible things happen when nobody can see it.


Crimean Consensus

Fifa World Cup


It all started with global isolation. Usually, having a dialogue helps to make a considered decision. However, the regime has been gradually destroying all sorts of opposite views on Russia – be it an internal political opposition, free media, or various international connections.

Externally, from subtle hybrid Georgian/Donetsk intervention, the Putin regime started a real war, ending any dialogue with Ukraine along with the West.

Internally, they closed almost all the independent media and non-commercial organisations that did not play the main tune.

The 20's have just started.

Before the invasion

The invasion

Notre posture vis-à-vis de la guerre en Ukraine

La Russie a lancé la guerre contre l’Ukraine. Cette guerre est en cours depuis 2014. Le 24 février 2022, elle n’a fait que gagner en intensité. Des millions d’Ukrainiens souffrent. Les responsables doivent être jugés pour leurs crimes.

Le régime russe essaie de faire taire les voix libérales. Il existe des Russes opposés à la guerre, et le régime fait de son mieux pour les réduire au silence. Nous voulons empêcher cela et faire entendre ces voix.

Il est essentiel de créer du lien. Les initiatives libérales russes sont parfois difficiles à saisir pour le public européen. Le contexte juridique, social et historique en Russie n’est pas toujours clair. Nous voulons diffuser des informations, construire des ponts et connecter la Russie libérale à l’Occident.

**Nous croyons au dialogue, non à l’isolation. ** Les forces d’opposition en Russie ne seront pas en mesure de changer quoi que ce soit sans le soutien du monde démocratique. Nous croyons aussi que le dialogue devrait aller dans les deux sens.

Cela reste votre décision. Nous comprenons la colère suscitée par les crimes russes. C’est à vous de décider si vous voulez entendre ou non les Russes de l’opposition.