March 1, 1990

Price liberalisation

Russia joins the IMF. The credits to develop the market economy are being issued throughout all the following years.

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August 22, 1990

Free media

New independent radio stations and TV Chanels such as Echo of Moscow. Also MTV!

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January 1, 1991

No more exit visas

Soviet citizens no longer need to ask for permission to travel abroad.

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August 19, 1991

The August Coup

A conservative attempt to restore the Soviet Union. Failed due to low support within the society.

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December 12, 1993

New constitution created

Voted in referendum: The people said ‘yes’ to freedom.

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April 30, 1994

Eurovision and more

Russia joins Eurovision. *Puppets*, political show satire, starts broadcasting.

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December 11, 1994

First war with Chechnya

Russia enters into First Chechen War, ending with Chechen autonomy. At the same time, Russia joins Nato's Partnership for Peace.

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February 1, 1995

Cathedral rebuilt

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is being rebuilt. It was destroyed in Soviet times.

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January 1, 1996

Internet becomes available

The first internet provider appears. Yandex, so-called Russian Google, is established.

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February 28, 1996

Joining Europe and the world

Russia joins the Council of Europe. It is also admitted to the G7 group.

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March 17, 1997

Boris Nemtsov as prime minister

Boris Nemtsov is appointed to office. He remains a prime minister for 4 months.

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May 27, 1997

Permanent joint council with NATO

Cooperation between NATO and Russia is extended. Possibility of Russia joining NATO is being discussed.

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January 1, 1998

Monetary reform

Goverment tries to solve economic issues. It does not end up well.

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August 17, 1998

Financial crisis

The financial reform fails. Ruble's value goes down drastically and country goes into default.

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The 2000’s started with the Chechen wars and terrorist attacks all over the country.

At the same time, they say that there was no such time in Russian history with such an economical growth, especially for the middle class. Yet, the economy does not solve all problems.

The 90’s euro/american optimism has been gradually substituted with the new ideas – patriotism, allegiance to the glorious past, and the feeling of exceptionalism – we have our own, unique way.


Our stand on the Russian invasion to Ukraine

Russia started the war against Ukraine. This war is happening from 2014. It has only intensified on February 24th 2022. Milions of Ukrainians are suffering. The perpetrators of this must be brought to justice for their crimes.

Russian regime tries to silence its liberal voices. Russian people against the war exist - and the Russian regime tries its best to silence them. We want to prevent that and make their voices heard.

Connection is crucial. The Russian liberal initiatives are hard to read for European public at times. The legal, social and historical context of Russia is not always clear. We want to share information, build bridges and connect the liberal Russia with The West.

We believe in dialogue, not isolation. The oppositional powers in Russia will not be able to change anything without the support of the democratic world. We also believe that the dialogue should go both ways.

The choice is yours. We understand the anger for the Russian crimes. It is up to you whether you want to listen to the Russian people standing against this.