We are looking for volunteers who can help us explain the Russian context in simple words. Mobilisation, Russian gay propaganda law, and other aspects of the Russian realities that people don’t see or dismiss from the outside.

What you will do:

  • Choose the topic you want to elaborate on (you can choose a topic from our list, or suggest a topic yourself).
  • Work on the article. Usually, we give 1-2 weeks for the first draft.
  • Work closely with your editor to finalise and publish your article on our website and social media.
  • Attend regular team meetings once in 2 weeks.
  • Use Google Drive, Telegram chat, and Trello to work and communicate.


We try to explain the realities of life in Russia in short, simple words. Therefore, we expect our articles to be between 2000 and 8000 symbols long (without spaces).

If you are interested in publishing a long-read article with more analytics and more original research, it is possible (we can discuss it individually), but the main focus right now is on providing short explanations of a variety of topics.

What does it take?

  • 4-5 hours per week to work on a project.
  • To be available at least once per week (most probably, on Sunday) for a 1 hour call.

What do you get?

  • The opportunity to influence changes in society.
  • Experience of writing and publishing research-based texts (with a possibility of doing it either anonymously or not based on your own preference), supported by feedback to help you improve your writing.
  • Participation in building an inclusive and supportive community.

How to apply?

Contact us volunteers@after-russia.org

Apply for the position

Most of the positions require at least passive knowledge of English.

Are you interested in cooperating with us? Cool! Let us know at volunteers@after-russia.org.

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Our media platform would not exist without an international team of volunteers. Do you want to become one? Here's the list of currently opened positions:

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Is there any other way you would like to contribute? Let us know:

We talk about the current problems of Russia and of its people, standing against the war and for democracy. We strive to make our content as accessible as possible to the European audience.

Do you want to cooperate on content made by the Russian standing against the war?

  • Our team of writers, journalists and researchers will be happy to cooperate with you on new content.
  • As our content is under creative commons, we are able to allow you to publish it on your platform (with attribution).
More info for media

We want to make people of Russia, who stand for peace and democracy, heard. We publish their stories and interview them in Ask a Russian project.

Are you a person of Russia or know someone who would like to share their story? Please contact us. Your experience will help people understand how Russia works.

We can publish your experience anonymously.

Tell your story

Our project is ran by international volunteers - not a single member of the team is paid in any way. The project, however, has running costs: hosting, domains, subscription to paid online services (such as Midjourney or Fillout.com) and advertising.

Our transparent bank account is 2702660360/2010, registered at Fio Banka (Czech republic). You can either send us money directly, or scan one of the QR codes bellow in your banking app:

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Our stand on the Russian invasion to Ukraine

Russia started the war against Ukraine. This war is happening from 2014. It has only intensified on February 24th 2022. Milions of Ukrainians are suffering. The perpetrators of this must be brought to justice for their crimes.

Russian regime tries to silence its liberal voices. Russian people against the war exist - and the Russian regime tries its best to silence them. We want to prevent that and make their voices heard.

Connection is crucial. The Russian liberal initiatives are hard to read for European public at times. The legal, social and historical context of Russia is not always clear. We want to share information, build bridges and connect the liberal Russia with The West.

We believe in dialogue, not isolation. The oppositional powers in Russia will not be able to change anything without the support of the democratic world. We also believe that the dialogue should go both ways.

The choice is yours. We understand the anger for the Russian crimes. It is up to you whether you want to listen to the Russian people standing against this.