Meet the team

Meet the team of volunteers who make our project possible.

Core team

Our project started as a conversation between Evgenii from Russian Federation and Petr from Czech Republic. We hope the clash between those two perspectives makes the project accessible to European audience.

Our team gradually grew into group of people scattered around the world, who are passionate about connecting the democratic part of the Russia with the rest of the world.

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Social media

Our social media team adapts our content to social media platform. They tell our stories and articles visually, moderate discussion under the posts and react to current trends. Without them, connection to our European audience would be impossible.

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Our authors are the backbone of the project, as they:

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Team vede Evgenii Chilikin a Kai


Our goal is to reach an European audience and start a dialogue. This would not be possible without the hard-working group of our translators: To Czech, French, German, Russian and English languages. We hope to include more languages as the project grows.

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Team vede Daria