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Россия — как ее руководство, так и общество — должны пройти через фундаментальные изменения. Мы — медийная платформа, которая позволяет представить, как должны выглядеть эти перемены и кто те люди, которые способны их осуществить.


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Хронология событий 1990–2022

Как Россия оказалась там, где она сейчас

24 февраля 2022 года Российская Федерация шокировала мир, осуществив вторжение в Украину. Стало ли оно полной неожиданностью или его предпосылки существовали давно? И могло ли все закончиться по-другому?

История постсоветской России — захватывающая, полная оптимизма и отчаяния, гражданской стойкости и пассивности, а также множества неожиданных поворотов. Одни периоды приносили надежду на более либеральное общество и сотрудничество с Западом, а другие полностью разрушали эту мечту.


Freedom and Chaos

Everything was possible. The fall of the planned economy brought freedom along with unimaginable social inequality.

Cultural outburst, freedom of choice, fights in the parliament, and a feeling of hope. But also extreme poverty, mafia, and instability. The current elites gained their power in those times.

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Price liberalisation

Russia joins the IMF. The credits to develop the market economy are being issued throughout all the following years.


Free media

New independent radio stations and TV Chanels such as Echo of Moscow. Also MTV!


The August Coup

A conservative attempt to restore the Soviet Union. Failed due to low support within the society.


First war with Chechnya

Russia enters into First Chechen War, ending with Chechen autonomy. At the same time, Russia joins Nato's Partnership for Peace.


First war with Chechnya

Russia enters into First Chechen War, ending with Chechen autonomy. At the same time, Russia joins Nato's Partnership for Peace.


Cathedral rebuilt

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is being rebuilt. It was destroyed in Soviet times.


Financial crisis

The financial reform fails. Ruble's value goes down drastically and country goes into default.


Vegetarian days

The 2000’s started with the Chechen wars and terrorist attacks all over the country.

At the same time, they say that there was no such time in Russian history with such an economical growth, especially for the middle class. Yet, the economy does not solve all problems.

The 90’s euro/american optimism has been gradually substituted with the new ideas – patriotism, allegiance to the glorious past, and the feeling of exceptionalism – we have our own, unique way.

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Putin is elected

Having been assigned as Yeltsin's successor only a couple of months ago, Putin wins his first election.


Kursk submarine disaster

“It sank”. Told by Putin, this short comment on the death of 118 sailors became quite memorable and demonstrative even back then.


The Yukos affair

Khodorkovsky and Lebedev would end up in jail, the company would be nationalised.


Beslan school siege

333 people, 186 of them children died. The storming by Russian forces has been highly criticised afterwards.


Moscow Pride

Banned by the authorities to protect those who are offended by it.


Dissenters' March

"Russia without Putin!", "Shame!", "Give the elections back!" was shouted in the streets. 113 people were detained.


Rags to riches

Forbes magazine reports that Russia now has 60 billionaires. Only 15 years ago there was none.


Prison for a message

A woman was charged with High Treason for sending an SMS to Georgia describing the movements of the Russian troops.


Russo-Gerogian war

Being afraid of Georgia making new friends on the West, Russia supports rebelious Osetia with troops and tanks


The Reset

Obama-Medvedev's attempt to improve relastionships between the countries.



Series of protests to protect the 31st article of the Constitution, guranteeing Freedom of Assmebly.


Protest years

The previous years of relative prosperity along with theoretical freedom kickstarted the growth of civil society.

The long-lasting 2008’s economical crisis brought a political one – a new-born middle-class started to disagree with the political decisions, taken with no consent.

The growing protest power provoked a reaction – every step a society took would end up in new restrictions. At the same time, the aggressive international course taken in 2008, justified the Crimean annexation, nurturing people’s imperial ambitions, has aggravated the already taken course to isolation. As life shows, the most horrible things happen when nobody can see it.

Open the decade

New START treaty

A new nuclear arms reduction treaty between the United States and the Russian Federation is reached.


Religious education

With secular ethics option de jure, with orthodox priests spreading the word of God in public schools de facto.


The Snow Revolution

Having started right after the legislative elections, it would gather thousands of people staying against the regime.


Bolotnaya Square case

The biggest protest in modern Russian history would end up in the large scale repression against Freedom of Assembly.


Foreign agent law

NGOs, media organisations, and common people who recevie any funding from abroad are scrutinised.


The Scoundrels' Law

In response to the Magnitsky Act, Russia decided to ban the US citizens from adopting Russian children.


Gay propaganda law

No more "distorted ideas about the equal social value of traditional and non-traditional sexual relationships".


Further restrictions

Unauthorised demonstrations are punishable by a fine or detention of up to 15 days. 5 years, if it is the 3rd breach.


Pension protests

The core electorate, the pensioners, protest against the retirement age hike. Communists start gaining support.


No way back

It all started with global isolation. Usually, having a dialogue helps to make a considered decision. However, the regime has been gradually destroying all sorts of opposite views on Russia – be it an internal political opposition, free media, or various international connections.

Externally, from subtle hybrid Georgian/Donetsk intervention, the Putin regime started a real war, ending any dialogue with Ukraine along with the West.

Internally, they closed almost all the independent media and non-commercial organisations that did not play the main tune.

The 20's have just started.

Open the decade


Putin is safe - he can be re-elected again. The local government has no power, marriage – only between men and women


Navalny is poisoned

Prominent opposition politician is poisoned, but survived by pure chance. Later, he ends up in jail


Navalny is arrested

Previously poisoned, Navalny got back to Russia in January. Arrested upon arrival, put into jail.


Memorial closure

An NGO, dedicated to preserving memories of Stalin victims, is closed under the Foreign Agent Law

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Поделитесь своей историей

Мы собираем истории русскоговорящих людей, разделяющих ценности мира и демократии.

Ваш опыт поможет людям за рубежом понять нынешнюю ситуацию в России и проблемы тех, кто уехал вынужденно или по собственной воле.

Если вы россиянин или лично знаете кого-то, кто хотел бы поделиться своей историей, пожалуйста, напишите нам.

Наша позиция в отношении войны России с Украиной

Россия начала войну против Украины. Эта война продолжается с 2014 года. Она только обострилась 24 февраля 2022 года. Страдают миллионы украинцев. Виновные в этом должны предстать перед судом за свои преступления.

Российский режим пытается заставить замолчать либеральные голоса. Русские люди, настроенные против войны, существуют, и российский режим всеми силами пытается заставить их замолчать. Мы хотим сделать так, чтобы их голоса были услышаны.

Взаимосвязь имеет решающее значение. Российские либеральные инициативы порой трудно воспринять европейской общественности. Правовой, социальный и исторический контекст России не всегда понятен. Мы хотим поделиться информацией, навести мосты и соединить либеральную Россию с Западом.

Мы верим в диалог, а не в изоляцию. Оппозиционные силы в России не смогут ничего изменить без поддержки демократического мира. Мы также считаем, что диалог должен быть двухсторонним.

Выбор за вами. Мы понимаем гнев из-за преступлений России. Вам решать, хотите ли вы прислушаться к русскому народу, выступающему против этого.